Potential Future Stories

I have now written two children’s stories (targeted at eight and nine-year-olds) entitled ‘Oliver Stanley and the White Running Shadow’ and the sequel ‘Oliver Stanley and the Kidnapping of Jimmy Brown’. Unsurprisingly, they are about the amazing adventures of a boy called Oliver Stanley. I have already had great reviews from the children of my friends and family, and I intend to approach local schools for further feedback before seeking publication.

However, the story I have always wanted to write, would centre on a responsible single parent doing all she can to bring up two young children but with everything lined against her. In her turmoil, she will teach her children right from wrong, but she will be tested to the limit when things reach rock bottom. I remember as a child how hard life can be and therefore you will probably be surprised that my story would be called ‘The Lucky One’s’.

The great Stephen King says that authors should not know the endings of their stories when they start to write. I must confess I do know the ending. It is powerful, enduring, and thought-inspiring. Hopefully enough to help bring change in our unfair society.