Welcome to Madeline Dando

International author living in Wymondham, Norfolk.

My name is Martin Wanger. I have written both women’s contemporary fiction and of late, stories for children, although the later are yet to be published. I know the genres are poles apart, but the ideas that buzz around in my head take me in different directions.

My first book entitled ‘Amber Sands’ was perceived to be for the female market and so I decided to write under a female name. I took a while choosing something suitable and then realised the answer was right under my nose. My mother’s maiden name is Madeline Dando and as soon as it came to mind, I knew it was perfect. I am sure my mum would have been delighted, and every time I sit at a keyboard my lovely memories of her, warm my heart.

I was born in the East End of London in 1949. Not quite within the sound of the Bow Bells so I cannot call myself a Cockney unless a strong wind was blowing towards Hackney at the time. Looking back, I can remember food rationing, bomb sites and roads with very few cars. In those days’ life was different. There were no computers, no mobile phones, few televisions and families and friends were not spread far and wide. Like most people, my parents struggled for money and looking back I realise how hard life was.  I have never forgotten, and my next writing project will deal with the extreme difficulties that some people face today.

My education was basic, and I left a secondary modern school at the age of 16 with three GCE’s. I remember how daunting it was going into the workplace, but I managed to get a job in a bank, where I stayed until retirement in 2001.

Ever since I married in 1972, I have had my lovely wife Brenda by my side. Apart from in the East End we have lived in Essex and Norfolk and have two amazing children who now lead their own special lives.

I have been lucky in life and enjoy it to the full. My main interests are writing of course, classical music, steam railways and gardening. I also like to cook and sometimes drive Brenda mad when trying to create new dishes.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my books as much I enjoy writing them. Please feel free to write to me. I will always reply.

Best wishes.