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Sometimes events in people’s lives force them to take steps they would never have dreamed of. Amser had to take these steps. Was it fate? Was she in control of her own destiny? For every good thing that happens in life, is there a bad thing waiting around the corner and vise versa? This love story is about courage, resilience and triumph over adversity. It is heart warming, heart breaking, emotional and inspiring.

When shy factory worker Sarah Mays is helped by Jimmy Jackson in an air raid, she is unaware their meeting will change the course of her life. They marry and have a family. Then Jimmy’s father Eddie dies in an unlikely incident and they inherit the opulent Hemsley Grange estate in North Norfolk. After a life of poverty and family tragedy in war-worn London, the escape to the country seems like an idyllic solution for Sarah and her family. But Eddie’s partner Maggie wants the estate for herself and will stop at nothing to regain her position as mistress of Hemsley Grange. Dramatic and gripping, LEAVING HER TEARS BEHIND is an emotional and captivating novel.

Wow! It’s hard to believe what has happened to me, Oliver Stanley over the past few months. I have been on an amazing adventure that will blow your mind. It all began when I came face to face with three cheetahs that had escaped from a zoo… I thought I was going to be eaten alive, but they became my best friends. Join me on our adventure at Devil’s Ridge to uncover the power and the secrets that the mountain holds.

Wow, here I go again, Oliver Stanley, on another mind-blowing adventure. This time it involves secrets, familiar faces, an old story and a kidnapping. Will I be able to connect them to solve a crime? Will the kidnapper be caught? More importantly, will I see Malee again? There’s no time to lose….