Madeline Dando is a pseudonym for Martin Wanger. It was the name of my mother and I am extremely proud to write under her name.

I was born in Hackney in 1949 and lived in the East End of London until I was twenty three. I spent my entire working life in NatWest Bank until I retired in 2001. I have been married to my lovely wife Brenda since 1972 and we have two grown up children. We have lived in Norfolk since 1994, having previously resided in the East End of London and Essex.

Apart from my family, I am interested in socialising, travelling, classical music, steam railways, gardening, football, golf and cricket. I also like to cook occasionally and try and create new dishes I have seen on TV.

For many years now I have had a burning desire to be a published author. I have self-published two books. A love story entitled AMBER SANDS and a powerful emotional drama entitled LEAVING HER TEARS BEHIND.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them.